Local Business Owners

The Secret To Taking Control Of Your
Internet Marketing

Without Paying An Outside Consulting Company

As a business owner, you know how important it is to be found online when local consumers are looking for your products and services.

What if you could ………

  • Learn to do your own marketing in short spurts during the day?  This saves you time and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed with the process.  
  • You had the steps to train an employee or intern to do the marketing? Employees often have down periods during their day where they can go through a short training video and improve your business viability on the internet.  Or you could use an intern for free or very low cost to help your business be found on the internet
  • You had step-by-step guides to follow.  We know that you get interrupted during the day.  You can use the guides to refer back to when you have the time to finish a step to your online visibility.
  • You could outsource the tedious functions for online marketing and do the rest yourself? Sometimes you need help.  Rather than paying an outside consultant to do all your marketing – break it into affordable tasks.
  • You had a place to ask your questions and get answers? It is not enough to know what to do, sometimes you need to know why or need an answer to the question “How does this apply to me?”
  • You had real world examples that are easy to follow?

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