FAQ For Chambers

faqWho are we?

Business Training Team has been offering free weekly webinars to help business owners since 2010.  These webinars have been sponsored by SCORE, many local Chambers of Commerce, the Carolina Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives and the Small Business Administration.  We have joined with marketing professionals around the country to provide a training platform designed for busy business owners who want more customers.

Why did we create this training platform?

We were frequently asked by business owners who attended our webinars to assist them with their online marketing. Many of them could not afford the high cost of using an outside consultant to do their marketing and asked if there was an alternative. We have volunteered many hours with local Chambers and have a strong desire to help local business owners succeed.

What is the advantage of working with your organization?

We have joined with local marketing professionals, you have someone in your immediate area to assist you with the educational needs of your members.

What topics are covered in the training?

  • Search Engine Optimization – what it takes to be found in the search engines
  • Building a WordPress Blog
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Reputation Marketing (coming soon)
  • Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Pinterest
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Twitter (coming soon)

Does the Chamber have access to this training for their staff?

Yes.  When a Chamber signs up for their branded website their staff has complete access to all training.

Is there a sign-up fee for the Chamber?

No.  You simply need to provide us with your logo and any other branding images we can use to build your education website and to promote your Chamber as the leader in technology.

What do we need to do to promote our educational website? 

  1. Coordinate with us at Local Internet Secrets to schedule either a seminar or webinar to promote the training website to your members.  This event will be educational for your members and will cover the current trends in online marketing.
  2. Promote your seminar/webinar in your weekly newsletter.
  3. Send out a press release about the event (we will provide the draft.)
  4. Pass out flyers to your members at other events promoting the training event (we will provide a draft of the flyer.)

Some Chambers require that anyone they work with become a member of the Chamber.  Is Local Internet Secrets willing to join the Chamber?

Local Internet Secrets is building a website that promotes the Chamber NOT our company. Most Chambers we are currently associated with have given us an honorary membership in exchange for the benefits that we provide to their members. This helps us to keep our costs down for the training and remain at no cost to the Chamber.

How long will it take to build our website and schedule the introductory seminar/webinar? 

On average we can have a website built in two weeks.  We can then schedule the kick-off training.

What do we need to do to get started?

Click here to download a form that will give us the necessary information to get started building your website.

Call us at 843-282-2454 if you have any questions.