Brand Your Business As An Educational Leader

Private Label Local Internet Secrets

What is Private Labeling?

  • would be cloned and branded with your logo and business name.  We can simply change out the image on the title banner with your logo or completely design the header to match your current website.
  • Your branded site will use your domain name and our hosting.
  • Your contact information would be listed under resources.  Your email would be added to the “Done For You” form and you would receive all inquiries.
  • You would have login access to the WordPress site.  This would allow you to add a page for your free weekly webinars or other custom training that you provide.
  • We will provide you with all the documentation in word format which you can brand to your business and upload to the site.  We can brand all downloads to your business for an additional fee – see below.
  • You can charge the $97 fee or change the fee to fit the needs of your community.  A new product will be created in our shopping cart which will integrate with your membership site.

What is the cost of private labeling?

  • Setup fee $300 – for us to brand all downloads with your contact information
  • Monthly Maintenance $94 a month – includes adding new videos to the membership with associated documentation.  Includes the hosting.  This fee will start 30 days from signup.
  • Commission Split – you keep 100% of all sales from your private label site.

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